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New! Assessment of the impact of the Polish capacity mechanism on electricity markets

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2017.10.13 Electricity generation companies assosiated with PKEE together call in Brussels for optimal regulatory frameworks

„Compensation schemes” as one of the key elements in the discussions on the final shape of the EU ETS.Capacity Market pre-conditions should be based on the technological neutrality principle without the restrictive criterion of EPS 550 (550 g CO2/kWh). Biomass is a key energy source for achieving the RES objective for Poland for 2020, and also in the future. ...read more

2017.09.12 PKEE publishes an Assessment of the impact of the Polish capacity mechanism on electricity markets

According to Compass Lexecon experts, the security of electricity supply in Poland in the long run can only be guaranteed by implementation of the capacity mechanism (CM). This solution would be the most efficient form of intervention and the most beneficial one for both electricity producers and for the end consumers....read more

2017.06.20 The future is electric. However, consideration must be given to the fact that the European electricity sector is diverse and therefore requires diverse solutions.

Representatives of the European electric power sector have gathered in Estoril, Portugal, on 19-20 June, to discuss the future of the sector at the annual Eurelectric conference. The future is electric – was a view shared by all participants. ...read more


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