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Capacity market - as means to avoid blackout - PKEE report

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2017.02.21 Comments of the Polish Electricity Association on the proposed EU ETS reform

The legislative proposals adopted recently by the European Parliament concerning the reform of the EU ETS are unfavourable to the electricity sector of all the EU Member States. Therefore, should these proposals be also approved by the EU Council, it will be necessary to provide the countries most exposed to their consequences with additional support. Below - in PDF - whole comments of PKEE....read more

2017.01.25 Why electromobility?

According to statistics of the Polish Central Statistical Office, Poland in the period 2011-2015 paid for the oil import from Russia 76 billion USD (306 bn zlotys). It’s more than Poland received from EU funds - without direct payments for farmers - in the period 2007-2013 (it was 68 billion euro or 297 bn zlotys). ...read more

2017.01.17 Polish energy sector versus smog

The main reason of smog in Poland is so-called low emission coming from cars, house heaters, boiler houses (local sources of heat). ...read more

2017.01.03 EU energy in figures – statistics of the European Commission

Energy production in EU is decreasing (in rest of the world – this production is increasing) and the same time EU’s energy dependency is growing. There are some conlusions after reading the newest EC’s statistical pocketbook dedicated to energy sector. ...read more

2016.12.13 Common Statement on the Revision of the EU ETS

Below we publish common statement – of power sector organizations from 5 EU countries (PKEE – Polish Electricity Association, HELAS – Hellenic Electricity Association, Greece, ETL – Estonian Electricity Industries, IRE from Romania and Hrvatska Elektroprivreda from Croatia) – on the revision of the EU ETS....read more


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