Membership in EURELECTRIC

The Polish Electricity Association, being a fully entitled member of the International Association of Eurelectric, has the right to nominate its experts / members to the Eurelectric Committee. The committees play a very important role in describing the organizations approach to issues and actions pertaining to area strategy, and sector policy development which is in the center of attention in the European electro-energetic sector.

At the present there are 5 Committees: Energy Policy & Generation Committee, Markets Committee, DSO Committee, Environment & Sustainable Development Policy Committee, Retail Customers Committee.

The Committee has executive rights, within which it can make decisions and formulate its standpoint.In the case that there are mutual interests concerning a couple Committees, consultations will be held between interested parties, and one point of view will be formed. 

PKEE representatives

Representant of PKEE in Board MemberMarta Gajęcka (Polska Grupa Energetyczna PGE S.A.)
Deputy Representant of PKEE in Board MemberRemigiusz Nowakowski

Energy Policy & Generation Committee

Energy Policy & Generation Committee Member Jerzy Janikowski
Substitute Monika Morawiecka
WG Renewables Member Maciej Mielniczuk
Substitute Jerzy Janikowski
WG Hydro Member Witold Cicholski
Substitute Janusz Łobacz
WG Thermal & Nuclear Member Kazimierz Szynol
Substitute Dominika Niewierska
Correspondent Katarzyna Kostrzyńska
WG Innovation (H) Member Paweł Poneta
Correspondent Marzena Gurgul

TF CCS - Member: Kazimierz Szynol


Markets Committee

Markets Committee Member Sebastian Gola
Substitute Grzegorz Wiliński
WG Market Integration & Network Codes  Member Rafał Barchanowski
WG Financial Regulation & Market Integrity Member Stanisław Cichocki
WG Wholesale Market Design Member Tomasz Lender
Substitute Katarzyna Radzewicz
TF EURELECTRIC Cooperation with Russia/CIS Member  
WG Gas to Power (H) Member Monika Skrobot
Substitute Łukasz Nagrodkiewicz


DSO Committee

DSO Committee Member Robert Stelmaszczyk
Substitute Włodzimierz Lewandowski
WG Active Distribution System Managament Member Ewa Mataczyńska
WG Distribution Regulation & Policy Member Piotr Ordyna
Substitute Agnieszka Okońska 
TF EU DSO Entity Member Katarzyna Radzewicz
WG Distribution Customers Member Włodzimierz Lewandowski
Substitute Tomasz Lisowski


Environment & Sustainable Development Policy Committee

Environment & Sustainable Development Policy Committee Member Maciej Burny
Substitute Kazimierz Szynol
WG Climate Change Member Maciej Burny
Substitute Rafał Nowakowski
WG Environmental Protection Member Stanisław Błach
Substitute Adam Steinhagen
WG By-products, Residues & Wastes Member Katarzyna Zaborowska 

Natalia Giergiel

WG Energy & Resource Efficiency Member Łukasz Kaczmarczyk
Substitute Mirosław Zakrzewski
Correspondent Piotr Budynek 

Retail Customers Committee

Retail Customers Committee Member  
WG Commercial Processes & Customer Relationship Member Tadeusz Markowski
Substitute Aldona Gmyrek
WG Retail Market Design Member  
Substitute Andrzej Kroczek
WG E-Mobility Member Jacek Błaszczyński
Substitute Szymon Obrębowski


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