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Employees of all Polish energy sectors honoured on the 100th anniversary of Poland's Independence

 Poland’s Independence Jubilee is an excellent opportunity to highlight the role of those who with commitment, professionalism, and huge knowledge often passed from generation to generation, look after the security, growth and independence of our country. Their service in production, generation and supply of energy was honoured on 27th of September at the “Polish Energy on the 100th Anniversary of Independence” ceremony.

The “Polish Energy on the 100th Anniversary of Independence” ceremony is an exceptional event – “It is the first time the representatives of all the sectors related to production, distribution and transmission of energy have gathered in one place to honour the work of the professionals who invariably for many years have been contributing towards the growth of our economy. Today’s meeting brings together the people whom we owe, first and foremost, our stable access to electricity and heat. The representatives of the entire sector, present with us here, in their daily service look after us and our energy security” – referred to the event the Minister of Energy, Krzysztof Tchórzewski.

The Polish energy sector was built from scratch one hundred years ago. From the very beginning, its biggest capital was people. And similarly, today, the energy and fuel sector employees, often at risk to their health, assure the quality of life of the public and the growth of the economy – from small and medium enterprises all the way up to huge factories and production plants.

The “Polish Energy on the 100th Anniversary of Independence” ceremony was organised by the Polish Electricity Association under the patronage of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Energy, Speakers of the Parliament and the Senate. Guests included the Speaker of the Parliament Mr Marek Kuchciński, the Minister of Energy Mr Krzysztof Tchórzewski, employees and representatives of industries dealing with the production, generation and supply of energy to the Polish homes, workplaces and for means of transportation. Distinguished employees of the sector were decorated with state distinctions in recognition of their special achievements, awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr Andrzej Duda. Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski has, in turn, presented the industry decorations – “Distinguished Service for the Growth of the Energy Sector”, “Distinguished Service in the Mining Industry” and “Distinguished Service in the Oil and Gas Industry”.

The event was also an opportunity for a discussion on education in the energy sectors. Training the future staff is one of the key challenges the industry is facing. It was not by coincidence that the event took place at the premises of the Warsaw University of Technology – the place referred to as the breeding ground for professionals that trains the future generations of specialists responsible for the growth of the Polish and the European energy sectors. Besides the curricula for university students and graduates, it is also very important to keep developing the effective methods of passing on the specialised industry know-how already at the earlier stages of education.

“Today we face a shortage of young specialists, particularly in technology and engineering. This is why we are commencing several initiatives aimed at the development of education of the new staff in the energy sector, particularly in technical and industrial schools. We are supporting the formation of profile classes for electrical technicians or power technicians that will impact not only the functioning of the sector but also the lives of common people” – said the Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski. The Ministry of Energy is assisted in this by the Polish energy companies that are developing scholarship programmes, helping in establishing the profile classes and partly providing the equipment for school laboratories.

The event was attended by over 500 people. Special guests were the energy sector employees honoured for their special achievements and professional commitment. Those present included the representatives of the government and the biggest Polish companies being members of the PKEE  – PGE S.A., TAURON Polska Energia S.A., Enea S.A., Energa S.A., Zespół Elektrowni Wodnych Niedzica S.A., Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A., Polska Grupa Górnicza, Węglokoks S.A., KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., Operator Gazociągów Przesyłowych Gaz-System S.A., Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A., PERN S.A., PGNiG S.A., PKN ORLEN S.A., Grupa Lotos S.A. and Grupa Azoty S.A. Similar events are planned for the future years.