These natural persons are professionally connected with the electricity sector and legal persons engaged in business activities in the field, interested in the implementation of statutory objectives of the association. Being a member of the Polish Electricity Association gives many perks and privileges such as access to and sharing of information, knowledge of legislation in Poland and the European Union and the presentation of proposals affecting the enacted legislation.

The Polish Electricity Association consists of ordinary members and support members. Ordinary members may be an adult natural person, including foreign nationals who are not residents in the territory of the Polish Republic. A legal person may only be a supporting member of the association.

Ordinary members have the right to participate in all forms of activity PKEE, in particular:

  • participate in General Meetings with voting,
  • vote and stand as a candidates in PKEE elections,
  • eject candidates during PKEE elections,
  • submit postulates to PKEE authorities.

PKEE Supporting Members are entitled to:

  • participate in the General Meeting in an advisory capacity,
  • submit demands to PKEE authorities,
  • nominate PKEE authority candidates under the terms of Art. 18