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  • PKEE at the COP24 has summed up the power sector's measures for cleaner air

PKEE at the COP24 has summed up the power sector's measures for cleaner air

The 11th of December at the Polish Pavilion at COP 24 was the day of summarising the measures aimed at improvement of air quality. During their presentations, the representatives of the Polish Electricity Association talked about systemic solutions proposed by the energy suppliers and have presented its “POWER SECTOR for air quality” report on the analysis of the main causes for the formation of low-stack emissions.

The 11th of December at the COP24 was the day with a motto of: “Measures, financing, technologies for clean air”. The experts from the Polish Electricity Association actively engaged in discussions about the possibilities of reducing air pollution.

During the series of meetings at the Polish Pavilion at COP24, Wojciech Dąbrowski, Member of the Management Board of the Polish Electricity Association, took part in the debate on “The clean air programme – an opportunity to reduce the level of air pollution”. In his presentation, he discussed the present trends and solutions that the thermal energy sector may offer to improve air quality and reduce the level of atmospheric pollution.

The growth of district heat systems is the best method for improving air quality – said Wojciech Dąbrowski. We have a huge effort to make on educating the general public, to make people aware of the value of the innovation assuring environmentally friendly heat – the thermal waste treatment installations – he added.

In turn, the “Locally for clean air” meeting was attended by the expert of the PKEE, co-author of the “POWER SECTOR for air quality report” – Janusz Zyśk PhD. Eng. The panellists were discussing the air pollution problem from the perspective of local communities.

- The main source of pollution is the household stoves. This is why it is so important that we educate the general public about the responsible use of this source of heat – said Janusz Zyśk.

The “POWER SECTOR for air quality” information and education campaign that the PKEE is running since the beginning of 2018 was aimed at changing the social attitudes and increasing the energy and environmental awareness of residents of Poland. Also, a series of debates was held with the participation of the local communities in the Polish cities most affected by high air pollution levels.

The “POWER SECTOR for air quality” report by the PKEE is a diagnosis of the actual sources of smog in Poland. It also contains the answers to questions such as what is low-stack emission, how does air pollution impact human health and what measures are taken by the power sector to protect the air.

The full version of the PKEE’s “POWER SECTOR for air quality” report is available at https://www.pkee.pl/en/power-sector-for-air-quality/