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PKEE at the PreCOP24 in Kraków

The 24th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP24 in Katowice was preceded by the PreCOP24 conference organised in Kraków. It is an informal meeting of the ministers of the environment from several dozen countries and the representatives of the business community, primarily the partners of the COP. The event was attended by the experts from the Polish Electricity Association.

Both the government side and the power sector have agreed that the climate goals should take into account the social and economic aspects. “Only by taking into account the social circumstances, the specifics of national energy mixes, energy prices and the access to technologies we will be able to develop the models for a just and sustainable transition for all countries and regions. Moreover, the transition should be reasonably spread over time so as not to adversely impact the quality of life of citizens and the growth of the economy” – said Dr Janusz Zyśk, expert from the Polish Electricity Association.

The conference participants have stressed that the achievement of the climate goals is influenced by the increase in energy efficiency. “The power systems will have to operate more efficiently and effectively. The optimised, smart and automated grids using the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML) will allow avoiding blackouts, reduce energy consumption and decrease the emissions of air pollutants” – added Marcin Piaskowski from Grupa Energa.

Participants in the PreCOP24 in Kraków have also stressed the importance of protection of jobs in executing the energy transition and countering the climate change. “It is necessary for these elements to be combined together. This is a foundation for long-term growth. The decisions that will be made during the COP24 will be the responses about our common future” – said Marcin Korolec, President of the COP19, the previous summit organised in Poland.

“I am happy with our today’s meeting. PreCOP24 is an excellent start of the collaboration between all the countries. Thank you for this effective exchange of ideas” – summed up Michał Kurtyka, Government Plenipotentiary for this year’s COP24 in Katowice that will take place on 3-14 December. During the summit, the representatives of countries from all over the world will be developing solutions that will allow the implementation of the Paris Agreement.